CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN! Estimated opening, spring/summer 2026
Pricing not yet determined


Waves powered by The Wavegarden Cove.
Ocean-like waves in clean, crystal-clear water.
Consistent rights and lefts, barrels, walls, and turn sections for experienced surfers.
Gentle inside sections for cruising, learning and sharing with family and friends.
Surfing all day and into the night with limited crowds and optimized wave conditions.


Premium houses and villas or hotel rooms in a laid-back setting.

Epic surf surrounded by the World Class Desert Willow golf courses. Yoga, pickleball, surf center, and more.

Fitness Center to build up or wind down.

Surf Academy for lessons, camps, and retreats to serve individual and groups at all surfing levels.

A world class hospitality team dedicated to maximizing your surf resort experience.


Water conservation, native and drought tolerant landscaping, and a unique “Turf for Surf” program will dramatically
reduce and offset water use.

Our surf pool holds roughly 7 million gallons of water. Between evaporation, filtration, maintenance and other
ancillary items, we will use roughly 24 million gallons each year.

While this sounds like a lot, 24 mln gallons is roughly equivalent to just 1.3 holes of golf at the average 18 hole
course in Coachella Valley.

Our surf pool will be a net zero water use

How does our “Turf for Surf” program work?

The City of Palm Desert has identified turf areas for removal that won’t have any impact on play at Desert Willow’s golf courses. We intend to implement the turf reduction plan on the golf course surrounding us in such a way that we will be able to reduce the golf course water use by an amount equal to or greater than the water which we will need in our surf pool.

Through this initiative, our surf pool will not use any incremental water above or beyond what is currently already being used today at Desert Willow.

In addition to our Turf for Surf Program, approximately 1/3 of our total annual water use in the surf pool will be responsibly used to irrigate the Desert Willow Golf Courses.


Check out the ocean-like surf created by the Wavegarden Cove



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